About company
Faithful to traditions

Solcata SA was stablished in 2016 by professionals that focus on new emerging markets.

The founders believe that large companies have lost the ability to be close to the customers, moved away from historical traditions of conducting business. We want to get back to the essence of international trading and believe great things can be achieved through establishing personal relationship with the customer.

Reliable partner

For the company to achieve its mission: to be a reliable partner in international trading, we should change the perception of relationship between buyers and sellers, companies and their customers. Our customers are our partners. Together we develop untouched markets, build multicultural bridges, and cement strong alliances. Together we are partners to nations, corporations and communities.

Great opportunities

We are building an extensive network of partners in various fields, from commodities to aviation and heavy industries. We connect businesses and facilitate relationships. We help find resources and key assets to grow your business and find new opportunities.

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